Toshiba Satellite M840 Series

I work on a freelance mode, So I do need a handy dandy gadget I can take anywhere In terms I’m out of my work area. When I’m starting freelance I can’t decide pc or laptop.

Here are some list of the disadvantages & advantages of PC to Laptop: (*additional share/thought)

1. Pc you can customize the specification you want, depends on what kind of your working to if your on to 3d, video editing, animation, motion graphics effect I do prefer PC, because it consumes more graphics and it heats your machine more. I forgot it is also good for IT Geek.

2. PC you can’t take it anywhere else, when there’s a flood-you know what to do evacuate all the components of your PC to safer place.

3. PC,It is heavy to carry in the repair shop.

4. PC, Need to assemble.

5. PC, You can’t take it in a coffee shop.

6. PC, There’s no wi-fi access (*I know there are some, but duh I haven’t heard any. If there’s tell me so)

7. PC, Can detect IP address easily (Not good for the *hacker >:])

8. Laptop can take anywhere bathroom, bed, coffee shop, mall, grocery, in the car, swimming, jogging, in the mountain and etc (*hahaha, just kidding)

9. Laptop good for freelance work.

10. Laptop is a lightweight.


I started to buy a Toshiba Laptop because some says Its durable, and made from Japan. And yes it’s true, My first Toshiba was Toshiba Satellite L310 it last more than 3 years until now its here my brother was using it, because his Mac Pro had stolen by someone in their condo (*be carefull guys with the theft specially your gadgets, anyway).


Toshiba Satellite M840 Series, I just bought this last May 2012 only so It’s still under warranty if ever their something wrong in the machine, I can demand to exchange it to a new one (*if ever).

Reasons why I chose this model:

1. because its new in the market, at our place (*the marketer says, on the store where I bought this) no need to order for a stock.

2. PROCESSOR: 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM Processor, OS: Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery), DDR3 RAM, SYSTEM MEMORY standard : 6,144 (4,096 + 2,048) MB, maximum expandability : 16,384 MB

3. Good for Graphics, It can gives a great performance

4. It consumes a small space on your work are


It’s funny I find a video about this Satellite M840 Series, at first I find hard to reaserch a review regarding on this laptop maybe its just because Samsung & Apple rules nowadays.

Satellite M840 Phản chiếu cá tính.mp4 (by tinhquaichuot)

Source: Youtube





90% great performance

sometimes not enough memory *maybe I need to add up GB of its memory

Lightweight (medium)

Great clear sound

boots up fast

It defrag fast

Graphics, was great & clear


It suits best if there’s a Cooling fan, Thermaltake. Because it heats faster specially on the fan part of the laptop. Toshiba Satellite M840 Series, as you can see its kinda flat in the bottom part.

well that’s the only things I can say.